• Friday July 28 at NärCon Sommar 2023

    NärCon Kpop Showcase!

  • Open Stage for Kpop cover dancing

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    A Kpop dance show

    In the Kpop Showcase you and your friends can show off your skill and love for the Kpop music genre, without being judged. In this show you and your friends get the chance to at NärCon's stage do your best Kpop dance routine while the audience cheers you on!

  • About the show

    About the show

    We welcome you to the Main Stage where the Kpop Showcase will be held at NärCon Sommar 2023! It is a show in Kpop cover dancing where everyone who applies and gets a spot get the chance to show of their own Kpop cover dancing.

    • Performance length: Max. 5 minutes. (including intro and performance)
    • Type of song: The song selection must be from a Korean artist. Remixes are allowed!
    • Dance: The dance routine can either be the same as the original artist choreography or one that your group has created.
    • Cost: Free to enter, but every member of the troupe needs to have a valid ticket to NärCon Sommar 2023 (day passes for the day of competition are valid).
    • Application Contact: kpop@narcon.se
    • Preliminary Schedule at the event: Friday July 28
      • Dress Rehearsal: 14:30–15:30
      • Show: 16:00–17:00

    Signing up and participating

    Any group who wants to participate applies by filling in this form. All information must have been submitted before June 29. The first 10 groups who have sent in all the necessary information will be the ones who are selected for the show, first come first serve. No previous experience in Kpop dancing or cover dancing is required.


    During your performance, the song your group has selected will be played. You also have the possibility to have the music video or your own animation played in the background on our big LED-screen.

    The form shall contain the following information:

    Fill in this form with primarily the following information before June 29:

    • The name of your group
    • Contact information to the leading member of your group
      • First- and surname
      • Your pronoun
      • Phone number
      • E-mail address
    • Information about the song you will perform (Group, song and link to music video/choreography)
    • A description of your planned performance.
    • A video showing your performance for Main Stage crew to be able to prepare for your show. This needs to be uncut and a full front view facing the dancers. The video may be sent to us via the form later than the other information, but must be handed to us before the application deadline.

    Your group will also need to provide the following

      • A file with the music/song that will be played during your performance
      • The video/animation that will be played during your performance in a standard readable format
      • Your wishes regarding stage lightning
      • Information about whether you are going to use props or not
      • Information about whether you need help, from your own assistants or from our stage hands
      • A group photo or a logo from your dance group for us to post on social media. (anyone under the age of 18 needs their guardian's permission, papers will be sent out)