• The Swedish qualifier sfor:

    Nordic K-pop Showdown

  • The new K-pop festival

    A new Nordic championship

    Nordic K-pop Showdown is a festival focusing on k-pop cover dancing and strives to bring together the best groups in the Nordics. The goal is to select 4 teams each from Finland and Sweden to represent their country in the Finals

    Stage qualifier at NärCon

    The first Swedish qualifier

    The first Swedish qualifier takes place at the Main Stage of NärCon Sommar 2018, on the 26th of July, where 10 groups will compete for two spots in the finals.

    A vote in the community

    The second Swedish qualifier

    The second Swedish qualifier is judged by the Swedish K-pop community themselves. This qualifier takes place between the 8th and 29th of August. If you and your group want to participate, then fill out this form.

    International Online Qualifier

    The third way to qualify

    The final way to get a spot in the the finals is through an international online qualifier, to which you submit a video of your group performing. This qualifier is open to dance groups from all of the participating countries. The winners of the qualifier is decided by a group of selected judges, and the qualifier is coordinated by the organizers of Nordic K-pop Showdown (Aicon ry and XpressEvents ry).


    More information about this qualifier will be published in late July / early August.

    The Finals

    Finland; November 2018

    When the competing groups from all participating countries have been selected, they will meet face off in the final, grand competition. The finals of the Nordic K-pop Showdown will take place in Finland and is organized by Aicon ry and XpressEvents ry. The final date is not set, but the event will take place sometime in November.

  • Qualifier at NärCon Sommar

    To apply for a spot in the qualifier, please fill out this form (closed) before the 6th of April. The selected groups are then contacted on the 13th of April.

    About the competition

    Welcome to the first Swedish qualifier of the Nordic K-pop Showdown, a competition in K-pop cover dancing! The qualifier takes place at the Main Stage of NärCon Sommar 2018 and the top two dance groups here qualify for the finals. Travel to the finals for these two groups is provided by NärCon.


    In order to prepare each group for the big showdown, the qualifier will use the same format as the finals. Each group's performance can be a maximum of 5 minutes, and each group must consist of at least 4 members. The rehearsal and the qualifier takes place on the 26th of July at NärCon Sommar 2018. There are 10 spots in the qualifier.


    • Performance length: Max 5 minutes
    • Type of song: The song selection must be from a Korean artist. Allowed languages are Korean, Japanese and Chinese
    • Members: Minimum 4 members
    • Cost: Free, but every member needs a ticket to NärCon Sommar 2018.
    • Application: Closed
    • Contact: kpop@narcon.se
    • Prize categories: 1st prize, 2nd prize & 3rd prize.


    Any group who wants to compete can apply for a spot. No previous experience in K-pop cover dancing is required. Our committee, consisting of members from the Swedish K-pop community, will go through all applications and select the 10 groups they find most fit for competing in the finals.


    The judging of the qualifier that of the finals and is divided into five categories:

    • Technique 0-7 points
    • Clothing and overall appearance 0-7 points
    • Synchronization, formations and uniformity 0-7 points
    • Stage charisma 0-7 points
    • Intro 0-2 points

    During your performance, the song your group has selected will be played. You also have the possibility to have the music video or your own animation played in the background on our big LED-screen. Details regarding sound, music, graphics etc. will be provided to you if and when you are accepted into the competition.


    To apply for the qualifier you need to send in your application before the 6th of April (now closed).

    The application shall contain the following information:

    • The name of your group
    • Contact information to one member of your group
      • First- and surname
      • Phone number
      • E-mail address
    • Information about the song you will perform to
    • A description of your planned performance.
      • It is possible to include audio and video files, but it is not required.
      • You also have the possibility to send in videos of old performances to showcase your group.

    If your group is accepted then you will need to provide the following

      • The music/song that will be played during your performance.
      • The video/animation that will be played during your performance.
      • Your wishes regarding stage lightning
      • Information about whether you are going to use props or not. 
      • Information about whether you need help, from your own assistants or from our stage hands
    • Detailed rules

      Note: These are the official rules for the Nordic K-pop Showdown

      Group size / number of member

        • The minimum group size is 4 members.
        • It is recommended to follow the original group count, e.g. BTS song = 7 people, Red Velvet song = 5 people etc.
        • All group members must go through the preliminary audition round (video).
        • If the group proceeds to either one of the preliminary competitions (e.g. KDC) or the Nordic K-pop Showdown finals, the group members cannot be switched, added or deducted (excl. emergencies like sickness or accidents, in this case contact the host separately)

        Song selection / performance

          • Two groups are not allowed to perform the same song. The group to inform a certain song first will be entitled to perform it at a certain preliminary competition (excl. video preliminary audition)
          • The “same song”-rule applies to also Nordic K-pop Showdown to an extent that two teams within the same national team cannot perform the same song, e.g. ⅔ Finnish teams cannot perform the same song
          • The song selection must be from a Korean artist. Allowed languages are Korean, Japanese and Chinese
          • The overall performance can include an introductory part
          • Both the intro and the main song must be from the same artist
          • The maximum length of the intro part is 60 seconds / 1 minute. There will be allowed a few seconds overtime for the sake of editing
          • The overall maximum length of a performance (intro + main song) is 5 minutes
          • NOTE! No remixes are allowed (not even official ones)
          • No original choreography is allowed during the main song
          • The group can choose to include original choreography to the intro part of the performance, but this is in no way a requirement

          Evaluation criteria

              • The performances will be evaluated in 5 separate categories
                • Technique 0-7 points
                • Clothing and overall appearance 0-7 points
                • Synchronization, formations and uniformity 0-7 points
                • Stage charisma 0-7 points
                • Intro 0-2 points

              If a group wins one of the preliminary competitions (e.g. KDC), they are no longer allowed to participate in the following ones

              The song selection for Nordic K-pop Showdown finals must be the same song the group earned their participation with at the preliminary competition (minding the same song rule)

              Instructions for the preliminary audition video of each preliminary competition (e.g. KDC)

                    • The video must be taken from the front view with a single shot with a steady, fixed spot camera
                    • All dancers must be fully visible during the entire video
                    • The video must be unpublished (e.g. no published videos from the group’s YouTube channel)
                    • No stage performance recordings
                    • The video should be as clear and simple as possible (no editing, no flashing lights etc.)
                    • Maximum length 2 minutes (allowed to be exceeded by a few seconds due to editing)
                  • Organizers

                    Nordic K-pop Showdown is organized by: