• Cosplay at NärCon Expo Södertälje 2024

    Rules in Swedish / Rules in English

    Register for contests: NärCon Expo Södertälje 2024

    To participate in a cosplay contest other than Cosplay Walk On, start by buying a cosplay pass for NärCon Expo Södertälje 2024 in Kippu after they have been released on April 25, then fill out the form linked below. This starts in April 25 and must be done at September 1 the latest. You don't need a pass for Walk On. Please note that you can't participate in both Novice/Intermediate and Master because they have conflicting schedules. But participating in one of these contests and Walk On works.


    When you have filled out the form after buying the cosplay pass you will receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder if you can't find it). You can update your registration yourself until September 1. We will email all registered participants around July 10, August 16, September 4 and September 24. If you have any other questions you can contact us at cosplay@narcon.se.


    Novice & Intermediate

    Get your Cosplay Pass at Kippu and register in this form.

    • Day & time for Show: 2024-10-06 - 12:00–13:00
    • Dress rehearsal: 2024-10-06 - 10:30–11:30
    • Location: Main Stage, Estrad
    • Format: Solo, catwalk
    • Judging: Show judging, Post judging
    • Post Judging: 13:30–15:00
    • Cost: 99 SEK


    Get your Cosplay Pass at Kippu and register in this form.

    • Day & time for Show: 2024-10-06 - 16:00–17:00
    • Rehearsal: 2024-10-05 - 10:00–13:00
    • Dress rehearsal: 2024-10-06 - 13:30–15:00
    • Location: Main Stage, Estrad
    • Format: Solo, performance
    • Judging: Prejudging, Show judging
    • Cost: 99 SEK

    Walk On

    You don't need a Cosplay Pass to participate in Walk On, just register in this form or at the event.

    • Day & time for Show: 2024-10-05 - 20:00–21:00
    • Location: Main Stage, Estrad
    • Format: Solo/Group, catwalk
    • Judging: None
    • Cost: 0 SEK