• – Cosplay Photo Contest –

    Compete as a cosplay photographer at NärCon Vinter 2024! Take a photo following the theme "Silhouette" and let us show it and your skills to NärCon's visitors and the world. The photo will be both printed out and displayed at the event and on Cosplay Stage. Here you'll find all information about the contest and the rules.


    NärCon's Cosplay Photo Contest is a contest intended for cosplay photographers and models. The goal is to show everyone the amazing world of cosplay photography where we put a spotlight on not only the cosplayers, but the photographers. The winners of the competition are chosen by a jury, but a prize will also be handed out in the category "Audience Awards" where everyone who uses the NärCon App will get the possibility to vote. Application is open and closes on January 21. You submit your material for the competition via this Google Form. All top 10 of the submissions will be printed out and put on display at the event and shown on Cosplay Stage at NärCon Vinter during one of the intermission acts.


    If we get more than 10 submissions then another set of judge will look through them and select which will be shown on Cosplay Stage, presented to the judges and to the audience. We will contact you before the finals to let you know if you are selected or not.


    Rules and details for Cosplay Photo Contest

    • The theme of this Cosplay Photo Contest is "Silhouette" and the image must follow the theme.
    • The competition is entered as a collaboration between photographer and cosplayer/cosplayers.
    • The photographer can participate in the competition with a maximum of three (3) photos.
    • If more than 10 photos participate in the competition a pre-judging will be held, where the ten (10) best photos will be selected. (Different judges work in the preliminary judging and the final jury.)
    • You send in both the finished image, and the original raw image as it is in the camera, to the competition. The original image can be either RAW (for example DNG., PEFF., CR2.) or unprocessed JPEG/TIFF.
    • The length of the long side of the image must be at least 2048 pixels.
    • Already published photos online will not be accepted.
    • The image must be delivered via a cloud service such as Google Drive.
    • The photo's metadata must properly show the date the photo was taken.
    • The photo must have been taken during the year 2023 or 2024. Photos taken earlier than January 21, 2023, will not be accepted.
    • The image should be named according to the following instructions: image-name_name-of-photographer_raw.dng and image-name_name-of-photographer_edit.jpg
    • When you submit material in this contest you agree to NärCon's Photo Agreement (in Swedish). Short description: It give us the rights to freely use your photo for NärCon purposes. But we are not allowed to sell your photo or transfer our rights for the photo to anyone else. And you as a photographer keep all of your rights to your material that you submit to this contest.

    Evaluation Criteria

    The judges have the option of giving two (2) points in each category. However, the judges can also give half points. The maximum score is twelve (12). The point categories are as follows

    • How well it follows the theme (if the photo obviously doesn't follow the theme, the photo will be disqualified)
    • Technical know-how in the picture (lighting, cropping, etc.)
    • Instructions and/or naturalness of the model/models in the picture
    • Source/character fidelity
    • The impact, intentionality and story of the image
    • Image composition

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at event@narcon.se


    We're looking forward to your submissions, good luck!

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